One Eyed Cats Public Gigs

Prepared on 25 September 2020

September 2020

October 2020

November 2020

December 2020

NoMama Liz`s

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Whilst we're all here, there might as well be something else interesting to take with you.  Have you ever noticed how it sometimes takes a nite out on the town to feel like - after a few beers - you're finally abducted by humans.  All of a sudden you feel like you fit in!  A contender!  You finally understand, and you've finally got something that you think you can work with!  Trouble is, after a few more, exactly the same information fills you with squandered regret and you're flipping the coin with laughter on one side, tear on the other.  No?  Just me then.  I've got this feeling that if I was saying it you'd be looking at me like a dog who's just been shown a card trick (Bill Hicks).  Perhaps I should really have something to say before I just opened my mouth.  Hmm.

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This page details a current list of the One-Eyed Cats public gigs over the coming months. The list is constantly changing, and so should not be used as a definite reference for availability.  As far as we know, all gigs listed on this page are confirmed, but subject to change.