This section is the formal portion of Cat Snooze aimed at attracting any extra work for the band.  Therefore, anything you read here is truthful and serious - as opposed to the rest of the site, which must be taken with a pinch of salt!


The Glorious One Eyed Cats are one rocking rhythm and blues outfit with two times the drive and three times the enthusiasm of what you'd normally expect — containing an explosive brass section and an enormous amount of energy, you can't fail to enjoy one of their performances. Playing a tailored mix of enthralling and lively music ranging from the 40s to the present day, the One Eyed Cats' infectious style never fails to have people rockin' in the aisles and letting their hair down. They are a band that goes down well in front of any audience anywhere in the world, and are more than happy to consider any proposals for performances, such as:

In short, if you think a band would go down well somewhere, then you can be sure that The One Eyed Cats will go down extremely well there. If you think you've got an audience that deserves entertaining, then The One Eyed Cats will blow their socks off. If you think your roof is firmly fixed, then think again —The One Eyed Cats will do their very hardest to lift it off!

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