50s woman

Quirk 3 of 11...

Well done!  You've clicked on the 50s woman.  This woman's picture originally came from a stock photography book, and has been used on all posters.

Well, I guess you deserve something here.  Something, I assure you, shall be provided in due course, but until then you'll have to put up with this...

"How much do you want for this car then?" said Christian, leaning back and scanning the motor from top to tail, although not really taking any of it in.

"Eight hundred and fifty pounds," came his reply.

Christian sucked his teeth. "I'll give you six-fifty for it," he said.

The man thought for a short while. "No, I'm afraid I was after a bit more."

"I bet you 100 you'll accept seven hundred."

"You're right, but I haven't got the money to bet."

"You're selling your motor, you'll be quids in."

"You're right. I would. OK then, you're on."

They shook hands.

"Right. Here's your seven hundred pounds," said Christian, counting out the fifties into the chap's outstretched hands.

"Thank you very much," said the man. "Pleasure doing business with you."

"Just one more thing," Christian said.

"What's that?"

"The bet?"

There was a pause. The man was thinking. "Yes, of course. How silly of me. One hundred pounds, was it?"

"I think so," said Christian.

The man handed two of Christian's fifties back. "There you go."

"Thank you. You take care now."

They both went their separate ways, Christian happy with a tidy-ish bargain, and the man happy with blissfull ignorance and money in his pocket.

Originally written 19 September 1997.

Don't worry - it'll be relegated back down to a footnote, and then out of the site altogether...