cat snooze

Quirk 1 of 11...

Well you've found this page, and for that you should be congratulated.  Well, I guess you deserve something fun, and all that.  Maybe some facts that not a lot of people know - would that be good?  I don't know.  Let's think.  Do you know how you got here?  You clicked on the Cat Snooze logo in the top left corner of a web page.

Cat Snooze (Cats News) : The Constantly Updating and Never Tawdry electronic publication for the One Eyed Cats.  All of the information you should possibly require is located on this site somewhere - it's all a little bit of fun really - and all hopefully done in good (ish) taste.  All formal and down to earth information is located within the "Booking Us" section.  Everything else is sort of true, and sort of not.  Hmm.

Don't be blinded by the scarlet light of power, it only blinkers out what really matters. It doesn't matter where you go, as long as it's fun. Success is not what people assume, and independence is lonely. Adopt a healthy fear of retrospect, and all that you can learn from it, and then look at yourself through those eyes. Will you be looking back with absolute pride, or squandered regret? Aspire to nothing and you shall seldom be disappointed. Material is immaterial. It doesn't matter. Don't assume that reality is what everyone thinks it is, just as plaster does not constitute a wall. Life is plastered over with a glossy mundanity. Look through this and you shall find raw life. Raw energy. Real happiness. Glorious. Don't be too proud to feel guilty of anything. That's just confusing strong with weak.

There you go.  Bet you didn't really expect to find that there?  Mind you, you were probably expecting to find something a little better.  Like a cool download, or a link to a site with fun stuff on or something.  Sorry to disappoint you, if this is the case, but there is other stuff liberally scattered around the site which might be of some fun.  Right now I don't know, since it hasn't actually been made yet.