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Quirk 10 of 11...

Well.  My aunt who art so giddy.  You've only gone and found quirk number 10, ent'cha.  For that you must be congratulated with a warm but uncomfortable smile.  In keeping with all the other quirks pages on this site, you will be rewarded with some stuff which at the moment isn't really worth finding.  Still, it's here now and it shall be replaced with new and exciting stuff once I've got time to come up with it.

If you don't know how you got here, you clicked on the "in color" text at the bottom of most pages.  Still, onto the stuff, here we goooooo...

Innocent Soldier

In the cold blooded silence
Of the heat
Of the night

My heart beats faster on,
Taking me closer, ever closer
To a brink.
Too much tension
Too little time
No reason.

There might not be long left,
Until my number is called,
My turn to die.
Oh God.
Oh God please be gentle,
Please be forgiving 
when my luck runs out;
Please God.
When I am in the gun-sight of another
When somebody has to kill me
Please dont let my life catch up with me too quickly.
Please. Its not my fault, dont you see.
Its not my fault...
I am only fighting to stay alive
I have to.

No point in being bitter now,
As I look up to the sky.
I see flashes and lights, but I am too weary
With war to see the evil.
I just see heaven, and all of this
Is no longer here.

Every now and then though, the vicinity will shake
And I will see another life mercilessly extinguished
And my cascading mind will crash back down to Earth
And King
And country.
No...No...I dont want to die feeling bitter.

But so many dreams,
So many hopes,
So much love in my life,
No good to me now.

Everybody wants to die, when they must
In their sleep.

But, I cant sleep.
The tension of a thousand souls just
Deafens my brains far
Above repose.

I cant sleep
Although I want to
I may not see life for much longer, and I dont want to
Live it sleeping.
I cant
Not now.
Its dangerous.
I look into my future and I see the next time I sleep
Will be forever.

My friend, whom the war had brought to me
Died in his sleep,
Of an injury far worse than any enemy could
He was shot of his own, tiny life.
Ripped away from his home by a pitiful argument.
His torture left him parted with sanity
The weight of a score of weapons
Pointing at his skull
Waiting to kill him
Separated him from reality,
And into disordered slumber.
A reality that is now just a memory.
As is he.

He had no children
He had no wife
But he had been born
And that was enough reason not to be killed.
His home was all the family he needed
After all, his home was where his mother and father lived
His home was where he had not long left school
His home was where his dreams were woven
His home
Loved him.

Poor child.
Too weak to hold on
To strong to lay down.
His visions tunnelled.
He screamed.
He ran;
And once again we were all reminded
Just how close we are to death.
He pushed us all that little bit further away,
But brought us all that little bit closer together.
Good-bye my friend,
you shall not be forgotten
For you shall go home with all of us.

Your only real consultation though,
Is that youve gone to a better place now.

Wherever that is.

His body lies there,
His youthful skin is losing its youth.
His torn and muddied shirt, blows gently in the wind,
And falls back down in the light rain.
To think that there is no longer life in there
Man has progressed far enough to attain the ability
To transform life into object.

An object with tenfold more reasoning to
Kill the fighting.

This war
This Bloody war.
Everything Ive ever lived for,
Might have come to all this
They say youve to make do with what youve got,
But there doesnt seem much point in living if somebody wants to kill me.
What are we paying for?
What are we doing wrong?
Who is to say?



No time for bitterness
No time for bitterness
Tomorrow I sleep.

Today, I will sit here
And pray to God that somebody sees the 
Light of day in my eyes;
And then justice can dance its way about.
Once more.

Until tomorrow, my friend,
Until tomorrow.
Do not feel angry
Nor feel that I should be angry
I do not bear a grudge on you
Or anyone like you.
You were only doing what you were told
And it is those who told you
Who must pay.

I am just a lonely soul,
Whos solitude wants to sleep now.
There is nobody to rest it.
So I sit continuously alone.
Listening to the rain,
And the words of the planes.
The only one left
And now I am slowly dying.

Life is draining out of me
Just like it has done out of the others
Life is all that I have
And it is war that says I should give it up.
It is gradually turning cold,
As the rain picks up strength.
My muscles tense up with frustration,
There is nothing I can do.

Please help me.
Please help me.
I do not wish to kill you.
I have no intentions of hurting you.
I can offer you nothing
But a loyal acquaintance
And a restful conscience.


Help me.

I just want to go home....