"one eyed cats presentation"

Quirk 8 of 11...

You've clicked on the footer text.  This is one of the several hidden quirks of this web site, and hence a very well done to you is in order.

We, The One Eyed Cats are an extremely hard working rock, roll, rhythm, blues, swing and good times band.  We work very hard at having a good time, and, as you can see from this web-site, a good time is what we do have.

Our aim is not to offend, so if you do find anything in this on-line publication, then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will sort out your issue.

Oh well, I guess you deserve to read something a little bit more quirky here, don't you.  I guess you're owed that much for finding this area, otherwise I'm sure you'd be well upset if you were specifically looking for quirk 8.  I don't know, maybe, maybe not.  Either way - here's some stuff...

I can assure you that 90% of what I type is rubbish.

If I said 1,000,000, what would be the first thing you would think of.
laughter/fun = shallow?
Ambitions necessary? Why?
If you aspire to nothing then you will be seldom disappointed?

life is the same no matter where you are? still your voice. still the same companion. still david.

a whole world full of individuals. each one as important as the other. Why strive to climb above? Why not?
red eyes
at work
not good

confused. very confused.
to the point where I don't know where to start
I cannot find an end to the ball of string

I can't remember either what was supposed to go here
and that's just as annoying.
angry young man
soul to a devil? life to a god?

really don't know? or not strong enough to decide
Or just too damned lazy

Poignant? Pointless?
Perfect? Pathetic
Certainly not professional

pitiful. yes, pitiful.
confidence and paranoia
my word is my damnation
my word is wrong
my head is wrong
my life
is so good I feel guilty

Truth? Painful
Criticism? Hurts
head in sand
so long
reality seems like a break

Independence? Lonely

clown logic.
standing around the embers of my dreams
does it look like it comes easy?
does it look like I treat everything with casual abandon?
because I try so very hard.
Too hard probably, but at least I try.
Try very hard not to be bitter
Try very hard to be happy
Try very hard to make people close to me happy
And when I fail with that
It's the biggest
the worst
Sure, bounce back.
No problem.
But not as quickly as normal
Once bitten, twice shy
very shy indeed

Maybe I'm just patching over what's really bothering me
Maybe I'm just putting a lid on everything and living completely in a front
Maybe I don't really know me at all, I just know a 'me' that I have created.
Maybe everyone is like that.
Maybe no-one is.

Don't misunderstand me
I am so scared that I am not good.
I want so hard to be good
But I fear with my life the fact that I could be the very worst
In that I am dressed in the very best
To deceive.
Surely they can't be that far apart.
Surely they are on the same coin.

Self obsessed?
Probably, but trying not to be
Probably, but trying not to look like I am
Fire like enthusiasm for fun
I thought I had
I probably still have
I do still have
and I will not have that put out by anyone
No-one shall stop me from having
And I shall hurt nobody but those who misunderstand

And you can't always please everybody you know, not even yourself...

Dear oh dear oh dear.  You could have read something more funnier than that, I hear you ask.  Well, I second guess that you said it, which, although not ideal, has got to come high on the list of abilities when you're talking about giving an audience what they want.  That said, if you're reading this, then I've forgotten to take it out and replace it with something worthwhile.  In that case, I'm sorry, but it was of prime concern to get this site up and running as quickly as possible (even if it has taken well over a year of work now!)...

For the serious publications regarding the band, please consult the "Booking Us" section, otherwise, keep looking around the rest of the site, not forgetting for one minute to stop smiling.

Not ever.