Quirk 5 of 11...

My oh my.  You clicked on the price at the top of every page, haven't you?!  Normally, I would guess that I should explain some kind of fantastic insight into stuff, seeing as it's one of those stumble across hidden directors cut type areas, but I know that it's not going to happen right now.  Once inspiration hits, I'm sure it'll realise itself.  For now, you're going to get some different information here.  Yes siree.

If it gets worse, then it's getting better.

And now, all that remains at the end of the day, is the dark damp smell of the anorak after the rain.  No more rain; no more anorak.

Redundant now is the shiny coat, bundled into a macaab haven in the corner of the house.  No longer needed, until it rains once more.

Sorry state.  Sorry, cold and dank.  Sad.  Lost alone in a dull field of paranoia, with all summer to contemplate worthfullness and being.

With only some trainers to talk to.

And an umbrella, but that's beside the point - they are after all enemies.


Rebellion finally comes into light.  Making a go of one's life by one's self.  Proving that one deserves the life that one has been given.  Rebel against those who question theirs, and questioning why theirs are better than yours.  Those who say that they are right on the weak conclusion that they are in tune with society.  It was time to make a stand.  Time to - maybe not fight the system - but at least no longer ride it.  Maybe it was time to ignore it completely.  Time to go down your own road.  Time to hold your hood up and look at your destiny square in the eyes.  Maybe only an anorak, but in a world without truth, who is to grade his worth over anything else?

Just an anorak?  Or an anorak forever and proud.

An anorak marching to his own tune.  Singing his own song.  Telling his own story.  Not marching to war, but to happiness, constantly bearing in mind the history that made him the Sad Anorak

June 1994

I'm terrible sorry, maybe you expected something decent - or at least relevant, as a prize for locating a hidden 'quirk' page on this on-line publication.  Once the rest of the site is built, I am sure that this page shall have some decent stuff in it, and this cobblers that you've been forced through shall be relegated to either a footnote, or a paper-basket-weight.