This page lists the coming public gigs that the cats are performing - it's maintained on a daily basis.  It'd be really grand to see you at one of these, if not more.  Make yourself known when you see us, and maybe you'd like to treat us to that beer you promised.

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December 2020


The Woopack
29 North Street
PE2 8HR (click to see location)

Saturday 12th December 2020
All Day
1 week and 2 days time




*** NoMama Liz`s ***


mama liz`s
9A North street
PE9 1EL (click to see location)

Thursday 31st December 2020
All Day
4 weeks time




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This page details a current list of the One-Eyed Cats public gigs over the coming months. The list is constantly changing, and so should not be used as a definite reference for availability.  As far as we know, all gigs listed on this page are confirmed, but subject to change.

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