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Friday 26 April 2024 (4 days time)



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The band has a couple of fantastic CDs out, which are a must for anyone with ears.  To get your mitts on one, email the band at info@oneyedcats.com, or just collar us at a gig.

Cheesy Does It

Thiis storming CD managed to capture the energy and life of the band and stick it smack bang in your living room.  Where available, click the link to download a demo...

Track Listing...
  1. Blueberry Hill
  2. Talk To Me Baby
  3. Greased Lightnin
  4. Stormy Monday Blues
  5. Roll Over Beethoven
  6. C'est La Vie (You Never Can Tell)

Live And Unwell

The band's first CD was recorded at a live gig, so it's liberally sprinkled with pops, buzzes and screeches (not to mention the odd cough, since most of the band were stocked up with the flu).  Beyond that you have the marvellous ability to recreate a storming gig in the comfort of your own house.  To complete it, pay 3 for some warm beer from your kitchen and start a fight.

Track Listing...
  1. The Soundcheck Song (Well Alright/(Crazy 'Bout An Automobile) Every Woman I Know
  2. Roll Over Beethoven
  3. Route 66
  4. Tutti Frutti
  5. Jailhouse Rock
  6. Sweet Home Chicago
  7. Jerry's Hair
  8. I Wanna Ride
  9. Be Bop-A Lula
  10. Talk To Me Baby
  11. Greased Lightnin
  12. C'est La Vie (You Never Can Tell)
  13. Johnny B Goode
  14. I Wanna Be Like You (explicit lyric warning)


CDs contains:
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