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To contact a member of the band, then please...

  • Phone us on 07977 594 176
  • Email us
  • Come see us at a gig

We regret that contact information for individual members cannot be supplied without permission, but messages can certainly be passed on.

Site information

This site has been designed for a minimum of 800x600 display, and works best under 16.7 million colours.  Currently it stands at around 60,000 words in length.

This web site was designed, produced and written by the One Eyed Cats.  As any One Eyed Cats production, this must be taken with a pinch of salt.  Whilst an enormous amount of fact is enclosed within these hypertext pages, the whole thing is marinated in a great deal of fiction.  Therefore the we'll leave it up to you discern one from the other.  Suffice to say that the only completely serious section in the publication lies within "Booking Us", since we kind of need bookings.

No offence has been intended to anyone throughout this.  It's all a bit of fun really.  If you find any part of this site offensive, then please do not hesitate to contact us at info@oneyedcats.com and we shall rectify the situation.


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