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Welcome to Cat Snooze, the rolling on-line publication for the One Eyed Cats!  The One Eyed Cats are a blistering Rock & Roll, Rhythm & Blues, and Swing & Good Times band from the United Kingdom.  They specialise very heavily in having fun.  We hope that this site cheers you up some, not that you need it, of course...

How to use this site...

You've probably noticed the retro-style design to the layout of this site, it's a bit like a cross between a pinball machine and a TV screen, and functions pretty similar to both!  Let's just briefly discuss the layout so that you don't get too lost:

  • Along the top, near the chrome microphone, you've got all of the main sections.  When you put your mouse over these, the 50s woman tells you what to expect if you click your mouse button.  The Main Sections are discussed later.

  • When you're in a section, you will have the section title written along the left of the page, with a list of sub-sections underneath.  You will recognise these because they've all got nifty chrome buttons next to them.

  • Down the bottom, you've got a jukebox, with all internet-style links next to it, this page being one of them.  You can click on these links without changing the section you're in.

  • Finally, in the middle section, you'll find the pages themselves.  This is the white square that this page is displayed within.  You can scroll up and down in here, whilst still keeping everything else on screen all at once.  You can think of this as the main TV screen, if you like (you don't have to!).

To view the pages correctly, you'll need to install the font Microgramma.  This is the font that the band uses as their standard.  Click here to download it to a specific location on your PC (to your desktop, for example).  Then go into your Control Panel (Start Menu, Settings, Control Panel), double click on Fonts, select Install New Font from the File Menu, and locate where you have saved the file to (the Desktop).

And that's really about it.  Every now and then you may come across a quirk.  Quirks are pages that have been planted into this site that have no real relevance to anything - they are hidden pages that are only really accessible by clicking on weird areas...

The Main Sections...

This web site is split up into five main sections, which are listed across the top of your screen, flying out of the microphone.  To go into a section, simply point your mouse over the section title, it will change colour, and some instructions will appear.  Click the mouse button and you're there!  These sections are:

  • Home.  Wherever you are in the web site, you can always click this button to return to the home page.

  • The Band.  This gives you a whole load of information on The One Eyed Cats.  The stories, the members, and the other people involved.  This is quite a large area, so it may take several sittings to plough through.

  • Gig List.  This section details all of the One Eyed Cats gigs.   If you want to know where and when they're playing, plus other information, then this is the place to look.

  • News and Stuff.  This section is really more Stuff than News!  Newswise, it contains recently information about anything regarding The One Eyed Cats.  Stuffwise, it contains loads of, well, stuff really.  Jokes, quizzes, things like that.  Go have a play around in there.

  • Booking Us.  This is the serious area of the site.  If you are interested in booking The One Eyed Cats, then please consult this area.  It contains such things as "Formal Band Profile", "Promotional Profile", "Official Photograph", etc.  Where the rest of the site should be taken with a pinch of salt, this is the genuine area.

  • Media.  This contains all forms of multi-media stuff.  It's constantly being developed, and you will be able to find things like soundclips, gig photographs, posters and stuff, and anything that really doesn't fall into the other areas.  It's a bit of a weird one, because Gig Photographs will eventually go into the Gigs section, and Band Members photographs live in The Band section, so this is almost a collection of what's left!  Still, for now it's fun, nevertheless.

Once you've entered a main section, you will see a host of buttons appear down the left hand side of your screen, with posh chrome buttons next to them (keep them clean, they cost a fortune!).  These represent the subsections within that particular section.  Click on a subsection to view its information.

It may help you to think of this web site as a tree, with the home page at the top, and all of the main sections branching off that (with all of the sub-sections branching off those).  If you get lost, you can always click the home button.

Pages Themselves

As you've all ready noticed, actual pages in the web have a groovy title across the top, then the main text (like what this is), and then a footer.

Also included is a Navigate box, at the top, on the right.  This gives you links to other pages that may be relevant to the one's you're looking at, plus the opportunity to move back up a level if you're nested quite far down in the site.  If, for example, you're viewing information about a band member, then links to their photographs, interviews and perhaps more information will be available.

The Footer will be denoted by a horizontal line, followed by copyright notification.  Under that, you'll see a cut-down version of the Navigate box, and information regarding when the page was last updated.  Then, if you're really in trouble, you can click a link which will load the entire console once more (useful if you've entered this site via a search engine, and the whole page isn't displayed).  Following that is the bottom sections and stuff.

Well, you're ready to face the whole site...!

That's about all there is to it really.  If you get stuck at any time, find any faults with this site, or can think of any suggestions, then please drop us a line at info@oneyedcats.com and we'll sort you out.

The site is constantly being developed, and hence gigs and news and stuff is being added all of the time.  Please visit us often to find out how the mysterious world of The Cats is evolving!

You must remember the fun aspect of the site, and hence take everything with a pinch of salt.  This site is not intended to offend anyone, and if it does, then please do tell us and we will rectify the situation...

Only the Booking Us section is serious - you have been warned!!!

Now go.  Have fun!


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