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Saturday 9 July 2022 (11 days time)



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OK, so fill your boots here with three MP3 demos from the band's live studio CD, Cheesy Does It.  Feast your ears on this...

There's a veritable dentist's waiting room full of stuff to look at around the rest of this site while you wait for these files to download.  Just don't get any sexual urges akin to the compulsory ones you have in the dentist's.  And the doctor's for that matter.  Add the library to that too...

We really ought to put back up some of the soundclips from the live CD, since they were quite cool (and funny).


The three tracks above are available as part of the One Eyed Cats CD entitled Cheesy Does It.  Collar us at a gig, or contact us at info@oneyedcats.com for more information.

Buy one today.

That's not much of a strapline, sure, but try to picture one of the band members saying it at the end of a TV advert, pointing at the screen and smiling uncomfortably, and all seems right with the world again.


Thank you, you're wonderful.


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